January: Let’s Take It Slow

Here we are in January of 2015 and if you’re anything like me or my clients, fresh starts, like the beginning of a new year, can feel like a double-edged sword.

Who doesn’t love a fresh start full of promise, an opportunity to take another crack at developing new habits? You know, a do-over.

Let's take it slow

The daunting part comes in when we feel like there’s so many new things we want to do differently that it feels futile to even start. It gets tricky when we’re a few weeks into the year and things feel the same.  It’s been hard to get started or we’ve already had our burst of newness and it didn’t last.

That’s why after a few years of trying a new approach, I’ve got a whole different plan for how to start the year.  Rather than feeling rushed to make a plan for creating a whole new me before January 1st, I like to take the entire month of January as a transition month. What?!?!

It’s true. Let’s recover from the holidays. Take some time to replenish ourselves and see what’s what when back at work, with the kids in school and take some time to see what we need. You are not behind.

Observe yourself in your day and notice what you’d like more of and what needs to hit the road. Notice and write it down. Then take the time to fill yourself up with something enjoyable.

We’re refueling here, folks. Let’s take a moment before diving in. Are you with me?

Go ahead and hit reply to this email and let me know if this resonates. Let’s support each other in starting the new year in a new way. Are you in?

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