Finishing Strong (2.0) a new approach

Finish Strong 2.0 | Big River Coaching | Allison MuellerWhat does it mean to you to finish strong? And how many times in your life have you heard this?!?
  • in the huddle during the last time out in a soccer game, a tennis match or called from the sidelines during a race
  • as you get to the end of the semester and finals week is looming
  • during the company meeting to push the end of the project through to meet a deadline
  • wrapping up the end of a massive initiative, plan or intention by tomorrow
How do you feel as you conjure up these memories? Are you holding your breath yet? I am even as I write this!
It’s understandable that we default to this place since we’ve been taught for decades to just get it all done. Are you living this right now?
It is so easy to feel the looming presence of holiday plans, end of year tasks, the pressure to wrap projects up by the end of the month, doing the work and preparing for the holidays. It can feel like one big push.
I hear it from my clients and I feel it for myself if I’m not careful. Is this happening for you, too?
And then there are the messages about having it all set for next year already. What?!
I actually heard, “If you don’t have 2016 planned yet, you’re already behind.” I say a hearty, no thank you to that. I just finished Thanksgiving. You?
Instead, I propose this:
Finishing strong does NOT mean…
  • sucking it up
  • agreeing to unrealistic deadlines (yours or anyone else’s)
  • getting by on little sleep
  • just grabbing whatever is around to eat because “you don’t have time”
  • trying to remember everything in your head because “I’ll just remember it”
  • pushing off everything fun until “your work is done” (unfortunately or more likely, fortunately, it’ll still be there!)
Finishing strong ABSOLUTELY means…
  • reminding myself of how I operate best each day, at my own pace (only biting off what I can chew and readjusting the plan often)
  • continuing to refuel with practices that sustain my energy now and in the future (by paying attention to my sleep, nutrition and exercise)
  • recommitting to my tools of choice to keep me on track (using the heck out of my task management and project management tools, just for starters)
  • spending the time that I can for renewal with friends and family
  • and sure, go ahead and plan, if you like
Yes, we will have a lot to accomplish between now and the end of the month. Most of us have plenty to finish, get in place and start. Some we’ll look forward to, some will feel like a challenge, but here’s the deal…
Are you in?
I would love to hear how this resonates for you? Is this radical for you? Have you been moving in this direction anyway? Please share what you intend to commit to!

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