Find Your Flow

Find relief in this self-paced, online course

FIND YOUR FLOW: Tame the Chaos and Create a Rhythm For Your Whole Life

Bite-sized exercises for easy implementation

Short and sweet 10 minute lessons to do at your own pace



  • reduce your level of overwhelm
  • establish a routine (that’s flexible!)
  • learn how to follow through on your intentions
  • have a plan for keeping track of your goals
  • have an easier time making decisions


Do you struggle with how to repeat the good days – – the ones that seem to be a miraculous mix of accomplishment that feels good, along with enough time to serve your personal needs, too?

OR are you still waiting to experience that kind of satisfaction for the first time?

If so, you will Find Your Flow through the exercises in this course.
We are moving out of fire-fighting mode and productivity paralysis and into a method that supports your best intentions and highest priorities. You’ll walk away with a template for a solid personal foundation and space for pursuing what matters most to you. In addition, we’ll explore the behaviors that set up your brain for building new habits and following through with your plan.

First and foremost, I’ve created this course for those who struggle with creating structure in their business and personal lives on a daily and weekly basis

As you may or may not know, I’ve been working in this area with clients for a long time. It has always been my #1 strategy for those feeling rudderless even though they’re really great at what they do professionally. Over the years, it’s become clearer and clearer that whether you’re someone at home with kids or running a business or running with the execs at work, unless you have figured out your own best rhythm first, you’ll always feel like you’re just hanging on, and more often than not, underperforming.

While many of my clients qualify for a diagnosis of ADHD and/or anxiety, many do not and yet still struggle with feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm and perfectionism for a variety of reasons.The approach in this course combines my best guidance for honoring an individual’s needs combined with the demands of what’s expected of them in their professional lives.  

Here’s a look at the themes for each phase of implementation:

Phase 1: Setting the Stage

We’ll be creating a mindset that supports your biggest reasons for pursuing a new kind of structure with your time. It is hard to make things stick unless you understand the challenge and motivation for change.

Phase 2: Building the Foundation

We identify daily and weekly practices that ground and sustain your intentions for your personal and professional life. This is where the customization begins!

Phase 3: Crafting the Master Plan

We work the steps and create a customized rhythm that delivers a form of scaffolding for your commitments. This primarily takes places by creating your Master Time Map.

Phase 4: Putting it in Play

We bring in the tools and strategies for keeping your plans relevant and usable now and as changes arise. (which is inevitable, right?!)

The goal is to have a little time to reflect on the concepts but activities are meant to be short and sweet! 

My hope is for you to walk away with:

  • Clarity on your top priorities so you can safeguard time and consistently deliver on them
  • An understanding of which consistent behaviors set you up to follow through on your intentions
  • Morning Routine that is dependable and sets you up well for the day (no frantic rush, no slipping in late)
  • An Evening Routine that allows for renewal and a more successful start to your day (including time for your brain to relax!)
  • Master Time Map, created by you, so that it reflects your commitments to yourself and others
  • Awareness of pinpointed time traps that aren’t serving you, so you can eliminate them!
  • A plan that satisfies the personal and professional projects that are currently getting lost
  • Relief, knowing that you’ve got a plan that honors a whole life

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I’m really looking forward to having you enjoy this course since I’ve seen it’s magic in play for years. As I mentioned, this is the #1 first step I use with all of my 1 on 1 clients and you will LOVE the clarity and ease you find.

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