The Idea Pantry

You know all those great ideas you have? They can come on fast and furiously and while it’s great for a while, there’s a certain point where it stops feeling good, right?

Find a way to capture those beauties without feeling like you need to do them today and release the fear that you’ll forget them. Do yourself a favor and create an idea pantry.

An idea pantry? An idea parking lot? Call it what you will. This landing place for all of those great ideas will give you a way to capture your thoughts without interrupting your original plan for the day.   You know, the stuff that really needs to get done.  Whether you designate a folder in your Google Drive or a notebook in Evernote, write in a 3-ring binder or spiral notebook, use this on a daily basis to honor your ideas without giving over your power.

Especially during the early days of the year, when we’re not 100% back in the swing of things and wearing about 20 different hats on any given day, do yourself a favor. Capture and let go.

This will take practice but oh, will it be worth it!

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