About Allison

The beauty of coaching.

Allison MuellerLike you, I’m on a constant journey of learning, self-discovery, reinvention, and personal development. This process of searching out what brings me calm, contentment, and meaning is exactly what brought me to my dream job working with people like you; people who have so much talent, creativity, ingenuity and potential yet get stuck in the how of accessing that brilliance consistently.

This isn’t new to me. I’ve always been drawn to those that want more for themselves…

I come from a long line of teachers, and after a few detours, I naturally felt drawn to the field of education. I quickly found that while I understood the importance of teaching the basics, I was drawn to working with those that thought bigger; those who seek a different way to get to an endpoint, those with a creative streak, those who think “outside the box.”

As I worked toward my degree in Education, I found myself intrigued by the impact of how different environments and strategies impact outcomes.

Onto the world of psychology…

Once I started my Masters in Counseling Psychology, I came to learn that parents were experiencing some of the same challenges in their professional and personal lives. I began to have a clearer window into the daily challenges all people face and saw an interesting pattern over time: the greatest successes came when there was partnership, understanding and lots of hard work by all.

I was up for the challenge, and so were those around me.

I dug deeper, got more involved, and eventually discovered coaching…

Over time I found myself wanting to work with individuals to make life as a whole easier and more successful on a daily and weekly basis. While working in a university setting with students dealing with ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health issues, and traumatic brain injury, I was exposed to coaching. A-ha! I was intrigued by the success of this one-on-one model and how much it can radically change a person’s experience.

Coaching, I realized, was the perfect role for me. I sought out a lengthy and well-respected training program, developed a specialty in the area of executive functioning and ADHD coaching, hired my own coaches (life-changing!) and started Big River Coaching in 2001.

And now I have my dream job…

At Big River Coaching, I partner with high-performing professionals to support them in structuring more productive and rewarding lives. Nothing about coaching excites me more than when my clients nail their day to day lives so well that they feel freed up to go after their most intriguing and meaningful projects and opportunities. It’s inspiring to think even bigger and the energy is contagious!

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